About the Band

Shorty & Slim

A tropical breeze, a swaying palm tree, good friends, the sound of waves on the beach. What more would a person need? We are a band out of the Republic of Panama that play an original blend of calypso, reggae, soft rock and what we call “southern country”. Our lyrics are a storybook of folklore, tradition and life stories about growing up Panama and life in the Tropics.

Meet Shorty:

Singer, songwriter, lyricist, and guitar player.

Shorty fell in love with the people, the jungle, and the canal when he moved to Panama as a young boy. Shorty has been singing and playing music for as long as he can remember. His leads are one of a kind: you know it’s him playing when you hear that guitar go to town!

Meet Slim:

Singer, songwriter, lyricist, and guitar player.

Slim was born in raised in Panama. He comes from a musical background playing in bands here and there throughout high school and college. You can’t miss Slim when you see him on stage: his joy lights up the room!

Bios for the rest of the band members coming soon!